Kokikai Aikido Boston

Kokikai Kids 

Sunday 10:30am


---Convenient for you and your family!

Your son or daughter will benefit from learning Aikido in our convenient City location in the heart of Boston plus learn about Japan and Japanese language.

  • 10:30-11:30pm ages 7-14, boys and girls. (age six is possible based on maturity level)
  • One hour of Aikido with a trained Black Belt instructor!
  • Aikido Kids fun and games

Benefits of Aikido Training

  • Body awareness and good posture are developed in Aikido Training.
  • Kids learn to develop a sense of balance
  • Mental stimulation can help kid's brain power
  • Relaxation helps your child with school stresses
  • Aikido Training builds confidence, cooperation, is non-competetive and fun!
  • Kids advance belt levels regularly and celebrate their success with their fellow students
  • Any kid can do it!
  • Aikido is fun! kids love it.  And they don't know they are learning!

Interested in Aikido training for yourself --- check out our Adult Program!

And, why not train with your child in our Family class?




Boston Kokikai Aikido

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